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SIM is an innovative system developer with continuous development to meet the requirements of today’s market.

Selected Partners distribute, install and service the SIM (former I-TO-I) products and solutions. End customers are served by partners.

  • More than a decade experience with access solutions.
  • More than 100 projects.
  • More than 1200 lanes in parking and access control.
  • In more than 20 countries worldwide.
  • Interfaces to many access control systems.
  • Cutting edge technology.
Reference Customers "Parking"
Projekt / Ort Land Partner Schnittstelle zu
Lincoln Center Miami USA Designa Designa
Flughafen Zürich Schweiz Skidata Skidata
Sevilla, Plaza Nueva Spanien Amano Amano
Automatisches Parkhaus Amsterdam Niederlande Designa Designa
Olympiakos Griechenland Designa Designa
Flughafen Thessaloniki Griechenland S&B S&B
Thermi Athen Griechenland Amano Amano
Dundrum Town Center, Dublin Irland Designa Designa
Budapest Ungarn Bartex Designa
Spreitenbach Schweiz ZEAG ZEAG
Athen Griechenland S&B S&B
Athen Griechenland S&B S&B
Kafur Griechenland S&B S&B
Dekussia Griechenland S&B S&B
Cosmos Center Griechenland S&B S&B
KTEL Mazedonien Griechenland S&B S&B
Flughafen Madrid NAT Spanien Sice/Sumipar Designa
Inchon Flughafen Cargo Terminal Süd Korea Korea RF S&B
Flughafen Madrid P1+ P2 Spanien Sice/Sumipar Designa
Sevilla Spanien Amano Amano
Prag Tschechien Designa Designa
Limani Griechenland S&B S&B
Pedon Griechenland S&B S&B
Kanigos Griechenland S&B S&B
Egyptou Griechenland S&B S&B
Rizari Griechenland S&B S&B
Athen Griechenland S&B S&B
Madrid / Fuencarral Spanien Sice/Sumipar Designa
Flughafen Warschau, Erweiterung Polen Designa Designa
Stuttgart, Französisches Stadtviertel Deutschland Designa Designa
Flughafen Kairo Ägypten Designa Designa
Autom. Parkplatz Tübingen Deutschland Designa Designa
Chalkida Griechenland Marel Designa
ZEAG Hauptzentrale Schweiz ZEAG ZEAG
Flughafen Zentrum Warschau Polen Designa Designa
Veroia Griechenland Amano Amano
Amano Hauptzentrale Belgien Amano Amano
Flughafen Glasgow Großbritannien NCP Skidata
Internat. Flughafen Athen, Busparkplatz Griechenland Designa Designa
Kino Center Patras Griechenland Marel Designa
Hong Kong China Amano Amano
Flughafen Toronto, Parkplatz Kanada TCS Intern. Skidata
Flughafen Dallas, Parkplatz USA TCS Intern. Skidata
Einkaufszentrum Breslau Polen Polchip Designa
Flughafen Birmingham Großbritannien APT Skidata Skidata
Flughafen Gatwick London Großbritannien APT Skidata Skidata
Athen, Spielplatz Griechenland Marel NRG Designa
Internationaler Flughafen Athen Griechenland Designa Designa
Internationaler Flughafen Seoul Süd Korea P & C Corp. S&B
Internationaler Flughafen Warschau Polen Designa Designa
Village Entertainment Park Athen Griechenland Marel Designa
Portsmouth Großbritannien Designa Designa
Internationaler Flughafen Riad Saudi Arabien Designa Designa
Internationaler Flughafen Valencia Spanien Sice/Sumipar Designa
Internationaler Flughafen Kopenhagen Dänemark Alliance A/S Zeag
Hotel Shanghai China Evosoft Designa
Shanghai, Parkplatz China Evosoft Designa
Village-Center Athen Griechenland Marel NRG Designa
Multi-Etagen-Parkhaus Taipeh Taiwan TaTech Tecnost
Lin Yuan Taiwan TaTech Tecnost
Flughafen Hamburg Deutschland I-TO-I Elkon
Reference Cusstomers "Access"
Flughafen Madrid NAT Rent-A-Car Spanien Sice/Sumipar Designa
Raffinerie Wilhelmshaven Deutschland DATEC Stand-Alone
Stadtwerke Bremerhaven Deutschland Acotec Stand-Alone
Fa. Kappa, Lübeck Deutschland Securicon Stand-Alone
Deutsche Bahn Basel/Weil Deutschland Pieper Stand-Alone
Flughafen München, Autovermietung Deutschland IPPI GmbH Stand-Alone
Fa. Wella, Darmstadt Deutschland Nohl GmbH Interflex
Deutsche Bahn Leipzig Deutschland Pieper Stand-Alone
Fa. Nestlé Italien Siemens Siemens
US-Navy Basis Bahrain Bell Security Stand-Alone
Expo 2000 Hannover Deutschland Rhenus AVC
GKN Neckar-Westheim Deutschland Bosch Visit
Hotel Burj Al Arab Dubai VAE Al Falak Stand-Alone
Stirling, Universität Stirling Großbritannien Designa UK Designa
Axel Springer Verlag, Ahrensburg Deutschland Siemens AG Arnold
Großhandelsmarkt Warschau Polen Polchip Designa
Campingplatz Mondsee Österreich Sprenger Easycamp
MAZ Hamburg Deutschland I-TO-I Stand-Alone
Recyclinghof Vejle Dänemark Siemens A/S Siemens A/S

  • Effective Recognition of vehicle license plates at entries and exits
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase revenue
  • Raise security
  • Save time and ressources
  • Solutions for optimizing car park management based on license plate regognition


I-to-I offers on the basis of its strong license plate recognition software industry specific solutions for car park management applications. In addition to VIS-3X standard dunctions like fast processing, fair and correct charging in the case of a lost ticket, improved protection against vehicle theft and ticket fraus, as well as ticketless parking for monthly parkers, the main reason for operators to decide on VIS-3X ist to improve customer service. VIS-3X covers all requirements for modern car park management.

At the entrance and exit of a vehicle the license plate is identified. A data base stores all the relevant data such as ticket number, license plate number, date and time, lane number etc. In addition, the related images are stored.

Based on this information value adding functions are provided. Our large installes base with more than 100 projects demonstrates: The modular solution of VIS-3X provides benefits to all involved:

Customers appreciate the higher service standard, operators benefit from improved security, saving of time and ressources and last but not least raised earnings.


  • Multi-Storey Car Parks
  • Hotel and Theater Garages
  • Airports
  • Park & Ride
  • Shopping Centers
  • LeisureParks
  • Exhibition Sites
  • Company Car Parks


Improved customer service

  • Pre-booking with entry and exit on the basis of the license plate
  • Express exit without presenting of the ticket after correct pament
  • Hands-free access and exit for season parkers
  • Fair fee calculation in case of accidental ticket loss
  • Information on where customers parked their car, e.g. at payment time, via infor terminals or help desk


  • Exact fee calculation with evedence by image when a ticket ist lost on purpose
  • Detection of ticket swap frauds
  • Spotting vehicles with open invoices


  • Detection of theft attemps
  • Document the state of the vehicles by images at time of entry
  • Document all movement of vehicles
  • Banish unwanted vehicles of your premises
  • Detection of patterns of behaviour
  • Support for authorities


    Comprehensive documentation and reporting
  • Interface to several revenue control systems
  • Real time access to all data for the operators
  • Regional distribution of customers of marketing purposes
  • Central management of large or distributed car parks
  • Reliable continuous operation
  • Easy and secure installation


SIM Secure Information Management GmbH is a leading manufacturer and provider of professional video, audio and special technology solutions. We work closely with national and international security and defense authorities. To meet the end-user requirements the design of our products is mainly inspired in close cooperation with our government customers.